Last year, on Instagram, I promised that I would pick up litter from the Lake District for every order placed over the last week in November. I named it “Black (Bin Bag) Friday”.

You awesome people out there on the internet seem to really like the idea. I admit that towards the end of that weekend I was slightly dreading having to go out in a cold miserable December to pick up rubbish. However, it turns out that I really enjoyed the litter picking aspect. It was great to have another excuse to be outdoors and, man, it feels good to clean up in your local community. 

Flashforward to early 2021 and I decided to make this a more permanent litter-pickin’ promise. You may have seen that I have announced that I will now pick up one pound of litter for every order. Again, I am really happy that you seem to react so positively to this promise. It seems to be a good way to give back for your amazing support and your orders for the print shop. 

If you see me around the Lakes with my litter grabber, weighing scales and bin bags then do say hello 👋