Calling all UK-based artists and illustrators to take part in our new Summer season of Risograph prints. We are looking for designs themed around Summer to feature in this collection, which will launch towards the end of June. 

The prints will be sold online through If your design is chosen for the collection, we will print in Riso and fulfil the orders. 30% from every print sold will go to the artist. 

Deadline for submissions is Friday 4 June 2021.


  • Design an A3 or A4 print on the theme of Summer. 
  • Submit a low-res colour .jpg file of your design by email to before midnight on Friday 4 June 2021, with the subject “Summer Submission”. 
  • The design should use no more than three colours from the available selection of Riso inks below. 
  • Submit as many designs / entries as you like. We will be in touch to let you know if you have been successful. 
  • Please only send a low-res colour .jpg at this stage but please make sure you follow the technical specifications before submitting the design. 


      We are open to any ideas and interpretations around the theme of Summer. How does Summer inspire you? Designs can be illustration, collage, painting, typographic, abstract - we are open to absolutely anything that will look great and work in Riso. 

      Please include a couple of lines in your entry email around what inspired you in your design.

      NEW TO RISO? If you have never designed for Riso before, just drop us an email with any questions. We are happy to guide you in how to best finalise your design for Riso. 


      • Size: A3 or A4 (Portrait or Landscape).
      • Your final design will need separating into layers: one for each colour. 
      • Each colour layer should be saved as a separate pdf. 
      • These flattened A3 or A4 PDFs (one for each colour layer) in greyscale / B&W with 300dpi resolution. 
      • Riso cannot print full bleed. We recommend a slight border of 5mm. 
      • Please create a colourised reference .jpg file of your final design.

      Available Riso Colours:

      • Black (Pantone Black U)
      • Medium Blue (Pantone 286U)
      • Red (Pantone WARM RED U)
      • Green (Pantone 354U)
      • Yellow (Pantone Yellow U)
      • Aqua (Pantone 637U) 
      • Fluorescent Pink (Pantone 806 U)


        • Riso inks have a translucent quality so the colours work when overlaid over each other. You can achieve additional colours by combining inks and tints in this way. You can switch on "multiply" in the blending menu in Adobe to get an idea of how the final version will look when layered over each other. 
        • The Riso will translate your B&W / greyscale designs into a stencil and then use that stencil to print in your chosen ink colour. You can control the ink tint by using differing tints of black. 
        • Avoid large areas of solid 100% colour as it can cause problems of ink flooding. We recommend that large areas should be reduced to around 75% tint.
        • Any text should be above 7pt to increase legibility. It is best to keep any sharp lines and text as vectors, this will help to ensure they are crisp. 
        • Riso produces slight mis-registration in layers, visual tics and imperfections. Designs and ideas that embrace these (charming) quirks are often the most successful in Riso.

            MORE DETAILS

            Artists must be UK-based. Submitting an entry does not guarantee inclusion in the collection. If selected, we will contact you with a short form to sign that sets out the arrangement terms in full. 

            A3 prints will be on sale for £20. A4 prints will be on sale for £14. 30% of the sale price (after VAT) from every print sold will go to the artist. The prints will be sold online through only. The prints will be on sale for at least 6 months. The artist will retain the rights to their design, we will only ask for the right to print, promote and sell your design. We ask for no exclusivity. 

            You will receive a monthly sales report. Earnings are paid monthly (by Paypal or bank transfer) and 60 days after the completed (paid) order. 

            Just drop me a DM or an email if you have any questions.

            Cheers, Ian 🌞