All about Riso prints.

The Risograph was invented by the Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan in the 1980s. The Riso prints one ink colour at a time using a stencil applied to a rotating drum. By feeding pages through two, three or four times and changing the drum stencil, you can produce gorgeous multi-layered artwork.

Look at things more - Riso print

Environmentally friendly

The Risograph process a low-energy and environmentally friendly printing method because it doesn't require chemical dryers or extensive heating.

The stencils are made from plant fibres and can be used to create large print-runs from a single stencil.

The inks used are based on sustainable raw ingredients like soy oil which is printed on to uncoated paper which means it works well on recycled paper stock too.

Striding Edge - Riso print

Perfect imperfections

The use of spot ink colours rather than usual CMYK print toner of commercial printing adds an extra dimension and texture to the work. Each Riso print will have a unique one-of-a-kind charm and quality that we just adore.

Tropical - Riso print

Vibrant inks

The ink colours used in Riso printing are unique and distinct. The bright vivid colours are sometimes hard to capture fully on computer screens so why not visit our Windermere store and take a look at our Riso gallery wall in person.

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