Five art trends for 2024.

New year, new trends! Every year brings new styles and crazes in everything from fashion and food to music and fitness. But how do you know what is going to be big in art over the next twelve months? We asked Guy Parsons, artist, print maker and design graduate, for his take on what art trends are going to be big in 2024.

When it comes to choosing art to go on the walls of your home, the most important factor is to choose art that you love. Don’t get stuck on one style, be bold and mix it up. Choosing artworks in different styles and displaying them together creates a bold contrast and showcases the different facets of your personality and interests. Minimalist digital print next to a Victorian oil painting? “Go for it!” says Guy. “Make your home as eclectic as you are. Choosing affordable prints is a great way to mix up different styles and also develop your own taste without breaking the bank.”

But what styles are we going to be seeing more of in the next twelve months? From risograph to folklore, Guy has consulted his trend barometer to find out what’s going to be hot or not this year. Here are his top five art trends for 2024.

1. Renaissance of tradition

We are seeing a new-found appreciation of traditional crafts and skills, and an interest in the process of creation as well as of the finished artwork. “It may be that a lasting effect of the pandemic lockdowns has been an appreciation of a slower-paced lifestyle,” says Guy. “There is a reaction against the rise of Artificial Intelligence with an appreciation of more time-consuming artwork.” Authenticity is king in a world where AI is bending reality and deep fakes are impossible to distinguish from the real thing. “People want work that is obviously hand-made and textural,” says Guy. “Artwork made with pencils and paints is increasingly popular.”

There is also a resurgence of protest artwork and work with a strong message. “Prints with a political message, often in a vintage, graphic style, embody that spirit of protest. The slogans are anti-efficiency and anti-capitalist, people want to support craft and technique over AI.” Make a bold statement on your walls in 2024!

Black Lodge

Jack Spowart

Dick Vincent

Oxford Pennant


2. Bright and bold

After the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, bright and vibrant colours will continue to bring joy to 2024. “People want prints that illustrate the joy in the simplicity of daily life,” say Guy. Prints that exude positivity with bright, bold and neon colours are a sure-fire way to cheer you up and celebrate the simple things in life.

Printer Johnson

Max Machen

Kieron Redmond



3. Connection to nature

“Since the national lockdowns, our relationship with nature has changed,” says Guy. From wild swimming to hiking, there is a growing recognition that time spent in green and blue spaces is vital for our overall wellbeing. “Prints that reflect this connection to the natural world are becoming more recognised.”

At a deeper level, there is also a realisation of the importance of nature in light of the climate crisis. As international travel becomes more recognised as being harmful to the environment and cheap flights become a thing of the past, many people are fostering a stronger connection with their local landscape. “From local history and folklore to the simple pleasures of exploring our local landscapes and experiencing them through different seasons, we are seeing an increased interest in the natural world and adventures closer to home,” says Guy.

Lucy Scott

Weird Walk

The Wild Kind

Victoria Mandale

Rachel Hall

4. Risograph

Risograph prints not only look cool they are also an energy-efficient printing technique. Needing less power and with fewer parts and printed using plant-based inks, risograph printing is an eco-friendly choice. They also look great on your wall! Risograph printing allows you to print in bright colours that really pop, plus the printing technique means that each print will have a unique one-of-a-kind charm that we just adore. “It is similar to screen printing but done on a machine,” says Guy. “A lot of my own work is produced in riso. I love the textural quality and bright colours that the technique allows me to produce.”

Guy Parsons

Tom Bingham



Printed Peanut

5. Smaller is better 

Art comes in all sizes, and in 2024 we predict a bigger appreciation of the smaller forms of art that we carry with us. “Stickers, pins and patches are a great way to stamp your own personality on your clothes, bags and other personal items,” says Guy. “They are something bright that carries identity. There is no reason why you shouldn’t wear art!”

Affordable art and smaller pieces will also continue to be on trend. “Smaller pieces, smaller prices, smaller houses. It is a trend that fits with how we live today,” says Guy. Affordable art is also the perfect souvenir, gift or treat for yourself!

Tom Hardwick


Finest Imaginary

Venga mini print

Guy badges