Is that photo of Blackpool and The Lakes real?

Yes, it is absolutely for real!

This stunning landscape photograph was taken by Kevin Jackson from a vantage point in Southport with the snowy peaks of the Lake District in the background.

We often get people asking about the story behind the photo and how it can possibly be real. But those who live in the Southport area may recognise this view and understand how on a clear day this spectacular composition of Pleasure Beach and peaks can be possible.

Kevin, who specialises in astro-photography, lives in the Southport area. In 2020 he took a trip out to the beach for some exercise and happened upon some perfect conditions. Luckily he had his Nikon D750 camera with him so he took a few handheld shots with the Nikon Nikkor 70-300 ED VR AF-P lens. The VR (vibration reduction) capability of the lens really helped, but it was a bright, clear day, so with a fast shutter speed he didn't need a tripod.

The photo was taken from slightly to the west of the Ribble Estuary towards Blackpool with the Lakes in the background.

View from Southport to the Lake District

There was very little post-production required, just a crop and adjustment to the contrast/lighting in Adobe Lightroom.

Kevin first shared the image on social media and got a huge reaction so he approached us at National Park Print Shop to be the exclusive sales outlet for his print.

It's so great to hear the feedback we get from visitors and it's good to remember the magical views we have right on our doorstep.

Follow more of Kevin's photography on his astro photography blog.

View of Blackpool and the Lakes