A poster for the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass.

This week marks the anniversary of Kinder Scout Mass Trespass - an act of protest, wilful trespass and defiance by ramblers.

They marched on Kinder Scout, in the Peak District on 24 April 1932, to highlight the fact that walkers in England and Wales were denied access to areas of open country. The trespass was largely organised by Benny Rothman, secretary of the British Workers' Sports Federation, in retaliation to the expulsion of the group from Bleaklow three weeks earlier.

I made this risograph print, dedicated to those protesters who fought to their right to roam and imagining posters inviting you to join the trespass.

It's also available in black as a giclée print.

If you're interested in mass trespass you should also learn about the Winter Hill Mass Trespass of 1896.