A brief history of the Trig Point

A familiar sight on hilltops across the UK, trig points (or 'triangulation stations') are beloved by outdoor lovers. There were once 6,500+ trig pillars in the UK, built by the Ordinance Survey. The pillar was devised by Brig Martin Hotine in the 1930s to provide a base for the theodolites used by the surveyors. When all the trig points were in place, it was possible in clear weather to see at least two other trig points from any one trig point.

Although the stations are no longer required for surveying purposes, hikers love them as navigation aids and, of course, for marking the achievement of reaching the summit. 

We love trig points here at National Park Print Shop and our Trig Point wall art print is a tribute to hilltops and hikers everywhere.

Trig Point Blueprint